by Friends of Lansdowne

Transportation Summary Report

No large development can function properly without being served by an adequate public transportation network that includes subway, light rail, or bus rapid transit service. This is particularly true of a development as large as that being proposed for Lansdowne Park, which will include a 24,000 seat stadium, an 11,000 seat… Read more

Financial Package Dings Ottawa Taxpayers

The short story is that your taxes will go up while the developers will cash in. Far from being revenue neutral, the Lansdowne Live proposal will hit taxpayers’ pocketbooks. The city will spend $110 million for a luxury class stadium, some underground parking ($19.5 m) and greening of the “front… Read more

Alternatives to LPP

There are alternatives to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan (LPP). For instance, there is a common-sense, less costly and more flexible alternative; an “incremental” approach to the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park. It starts by having a design competition for the whole of Lansdowne Park, but the winning design would be implemented… Read more

Lansdowne Park Inflicted with Lack of Vision

Heritage Ottawa Press Release Ottawa, May 27 2010 – It is the heritage of Lansdowne Park that is its value – historic, cultural and commercial. The City and OSEG, the developers, have prescribed a future Lansdowne that squanders that value to car parks, bad faith and damaged history. The centrepiece… Read more

City Advisoree Committee opposes LPP

The City of Ottawa Advisory Committee on Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic is opposed to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan. With statistical proof, the recent resolution of this committee states that Bank Street and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway do not have the capacity to accommodate the proposed additional traffic generated on a day to… Read more


Lansdowne Live: Some Taxpayers’ Financial Considerations A bad deal for Ottawa’s taxpayers. A great deal for OSEG, the developers. Stadiums are financial drains for taxpayers. Shopping centres on free public land are financial bonanzas for developers. City spends $130 million or more for new stadium, parking and some greening. City… Read more


A 24,000 seat stadium needs an adequate public transportation network. The existing street network, the mature urban fabric and the geographic restrictions of the Rideau Canal on two sides make a reasonable public transportation system for Lansdowne Park impossible. Lansdowne Park is served by only two arterials. Increasing daily vehicular traffic including… Read more