Who are we?

Friends of Lansdowne is city-wide coalition working for the revitalization of Lansdowne Park. Our all-volunteer group includes people from every corner and community in Ottawa.  We are people who love Ottawa and want Lansdowne Park developed in the best possible way for the public good.


  • To promote Lansdowne Park as a sustainable, accessible, public space for the benefit of all Ottawans and visitors, today and in the future
  • To support revitalization of Lansdowne Park which is fair, open, fiscally responsible and consistent with the site’s heritage values

Please Support the Friends of Lansdowne

We are an entirely volunteer group. If you are able to donate funds to support our work (legal and other research, printing, advertising..maybe our own polling in the future), it would be much appreciated.

Legal Fund

The Friends of Lansdowne have retained Sach Goldblatt Mitchell, a leading Canadian law firm, to explore legal issues related to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan.  The initial assessment indicates that there are real problems with the current proposal. We are asking for your help to do more research. Please contribute!