by Friends of Lansdowne

City Advisory Committee Expresses Strong Reservations on Lansdowne Proposals

The City establishes Advisory Committees (ACs) to advise and assist the City’s Standing Committees and City Council on issues related to important municipal subject areas which are of interest to the general public and/or key interest groups. Advisory Committee members are volunteers, with expertise, knowledge or demonstrated interest and involvement… Read more

Lansdowne Park Inflicted with Lack of Vision

Heritage Ottawa Press Release Ottawa, May 27 2010 – It is the heritage of Lansdowne Park that is its value – historic, cultural and commercial. The City and OSEG, the developers, have prescribed a future Lansdowne that squanders that value to car parks, bad faith and damaged history. The centrepiece… Read more

City Advisoree Committee opposes LPP

The City of Ottawa Advisory Committee on Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic is opposed to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan. With statistical proof, the recent resolution of this committee states that Bank Street and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway do not have the capacity to accommodate the proposed additional traffic generated on a day to… Read more