by Friends of Lansdowne

So much for Lansdowne not costing taxpayers a dime

The City recently revealed its total debt level is now $1.4 billion—nearly double what it was when Jim Watson came into office. It’s not clear if this figure includes the debt that will be incurred for the Lansdowne development. But what is clear is that Lansdowne is costing taxpayers way… Read more

Financial Package Dings Ottawa Taxpayers

The short story is that your taxes will go up while the developers will cash in. Far from being revenue neutral, the Lansdowne Live proposal will hit taxpayers’ pocketbooks. The city will spend $110 million for a luxury class stadium, some underground parking ($19.5 m) and greening of the “front… Read more


Lansdowne Live: Some Taxpayers’ Financial Considerations A bad deal for Ottawa’s taxpayers. A great deal for OSEG, the developers. Stadiums are financial drains for taxpayers. Shopping centres on free public land are financial bonanzas for developers. City spends $130 million or more for new stadium, parking and some greening. City… Read more