by Friends of Lansdowne

Traffic Measures Related to Lansdowne Redevelopment

The Glebe Community Association has prepared a report recommending measures to mitigate the adverse traffic and parking impacts of Lansdowne. Read the February 8, 2013 report here:

Unpleasant Facts about Parking for the Lansdowne Site

This fact sheet produced by Isla Paterson, a concerned citizen, analyses the parking plans for the proposed Lansdowne Partnership Plan in a comparison with other shopping centres and sports facilities in the City of Ottawa. FIVE UNPLEASANT FACTS ABOUT PARKING FOR THE LANSDOWNE SITE Fact #1: Lansdowne has a serious… Read more

Lansdowne Transportation Report

Prepared by Fraser Pollock for The Friends of Lansdowne Stadium transportation requirements Throughout the early 20th century (pre W.W. 2) most major sport stadiums were located in the middle of built up centrally located neighbourhoods. The land was usually already owned by the major tenant’s owner and was the best that… Read more

Transportation Summary Report

No large development can function properly without being served by an adequate public transportation network that includes subway, light rail, or bus rapid transit service. This is particularly true of a development as large as that being proposed for Lansdowne Park, which will include a 24,000 seat stadium, an 11,000 seat… Read more


A 24,000 seat stadium needs an adequate public transportation network. The existing street network, the mature urban fabric and the geographic restrictions of the Rideau Canal on two sides make a reasonable public transportation system for Lansdowne Park impossible. Lansdowne Park is served by only two arterials. Increasing daily vehicular traffic including… Read more