by Friends of Lansdowne

City Advisoree Committee opposes LPP

The City of Ottawa Advisory Committee on Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic is opposed to the Lansdowne Partnership Plan.

With statistical proof, the recent resolution of this committee states that Bank Street and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway do not have the capacity to accommodate the proposed additional traffic generated on a day to day basis at peak hours. This committee recommends that the City of Ottawa adhere to its Transportation Master Plan to minimize the use of private vehicles and to protect the health of its citizens from the threat of increased traffic congestion and gas emissions.

Furthermore, this official advisory committee, with the authority of its well-defined mandate, directs the City of Ottawa to do a comprehensive safety impact study on increased truck traffic, emergency, fire and protective services and the resource requirements for the safety of its citizens on the streets and walkways. The directive states that the safety impact study has to be done prior to proceeding with the Lansdowne Partnership Plan.