by Friends of Lansdowne

City Advisory Committee Expresses Strong Reservations on Lansdowne Proposals

The City establishes Advisory Committees (ACs) to advise and assist the City’s Standing Committees and City Council on issues related to important municipal subject areas which are of interest to the general public and/or key interest groups. Advisory Committee members are volunteers, with expertise, knowledge or demonstrated interest and involvement in the Committee’s subject areas. Appointments to ACs are made through an application and interview process and are approved by the appropriate Standing Committee and City Council. ACs receive City staff support and entertain presentations from experts and practitioners in their subject areas as well as from the general public. They meet up to 12 times a year and most have between 9 and 15 members.

Over the past few months, the following six Advisory Committees, with mandates directly related to significant Lansdowne issues, have reviewed the Lansdowne proposals and taken positions making clear their strong reservations about them.