by Friends of Lansdowne

Conservation Review Board Hearing on the Horticulture Building

When Ottawa City Council approved the Integrated Master Site Plan in November 2010, it also approved a staff recommendation to repeal the heritage designation bylaw for the Horticulture Building. This of course is to allow the City to relocate the building to a new site northeast of the Aberdeen Pavilion

The Conservation Review Board (CRB) is an administration tribunal constituted under the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA or the Act) to review municipal decisions made under the Act and to make recommendations to a municipal council. It performs in an advisory role only and does not make binding decisions in the same manner as the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) is able to. However, because of its legal standing and the thoroughness of its proceedings, its recommendations provide standards of just and permissible law-making in matters of built heritage. Municipalities normally defer to its findings.

The Act is written to provide rules and guidelines for city councils and building owners regarding preservation and maintenance of buildings deemed to be of heritage and historical value. The unusual matter of the Horticulture Building is that not only the City is both the owner and the legislator, but that it is also is in a business partnership with developers wherein the partnership is poised to reap benefits from the proposed development.