by Friends of Lansdowne

Development at Lansdowne Park

A picture is worth a thousand words …

These striking computer visualizations, produced by Allan Teramura of Watson MacEwen Teramura Architects, show both what the development at Lansdowne Park could look like and how much of the park is being de facto privatized under the Lansdowne Partnership Plan (LPP).

The visuals graphically illustrate a plausible development scenario based on a combination of the building footprints approved in the site plan and the maximum permitted height for each building permitted by the recently-approved zoning laws. Teramura’s computer models are then superimposed on Google Earth, and integrated with photographs of existing buildings near and within Lansdowne Park to help clarify the impact of the proposed development in the context of its surroundings. Everything is to-scale.

Teramura produced these visuals on his own initiative as neither the City of Ottawa nor the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) has provided the public with detailed visuals showing the proposed scale of development at Lansdowne Park.

It should be noted that the recently-approved zoning permits even more intensive development than is shown here. The zoning has been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Credit : All computer visualizations by Allan Teramura of Watson MacEwen Teramura Architects

Bird’s eye view from Holmwood and Adelaide looking west towards Bank Street.

Bank Street looking south to corner of Bank and Holmwood.

View looking east up Holmwood from Kettleman’s Bagels.

Bank Street looking north from Bank and Wilton.

View from Bank Street looking east to Aberdeen Pavilion.

View from the Queen Elizabeth Driveway looking west into Lansdowne Park