How We Get Our Funding

To date, Friends of Lansdowne has raised over $275,000 to support the Lansdowne Legal Challenge.

The breakdown of our fund-raising is as follows:

  • $25,000 from events (like the Lansdowne Follies)
  • $250,000 from over 1350 donations (the average donation amount is $200)

In addition to the $275,000 fundraising total, financial support was received from CUPE to engage Rosen and Associates, a forensic accounting firm, to review the Lansdowne business plan. This report was presented as evidence in the legal case and is availableĀ hereĀ on our website.

Friends of Lansdowne has received no major financial gifts. We would welcome supporters with deep pockets, but we have been unsuccessful at attracting them.

There is absolutely no truth to rumours that there are undisclosed backers behind Friends of Lansdowne. We are a volunteer group fighting for an issue that a lot of people think is important and we have worked hard at fundraising. Our donations have come from 500 distinct postal codes.

We keep the names of our donors private in keeping with Canada’s privacy laws.