by Friends of Lansdowne

Unpleasant Facts about Parking for the Lansdowne Site

This fact sheet produced by Isla Paterson, a concerned citizen, analyses the parking plans for the proposed Lansdowne Partnership Plan in a comparison with other shopping centres and sports facilities in the City of Ottawa. FIVE UNPLEASANT FACTS ABOUT PARKING FOR THE LANSDOWNE SITE Fact #1: Lansdowne has a serious… Read more

Soil Remediation at Lansdowne Park Information Session

The City of Ottawa will be holding a public meeting to discuss the remedial action plan (RAP) in support of the redevelopment plan for Lansdowne Park. The RAP was prepared to establish a strategy and plan of action to manage contaminated and impacted soils stemming from historic site uses and activities. Thursday, October… Read more

Heritage Advocacy Group Urges Council to Protect Heritage Buildings at Lansdowne Park

Heritage Ottawa opposes the City staff recommendation that Council ignore the recent recommendations of the Ontario Conservation Review Board regarding the Horticulture Building. “Of the 16 formal appeals and objections to various aspects of the Lansdowne Partnership Plan, ours was the only successful one,” says Heritage Ottawa President, Leslie Maitland…. Read more

Conservation Review Board Recommends Against City Plans to Move Lansdowne Park’s Horticulture Building

Heritage Ottawa wins its objection to de-designating the heritage building Ottawa, May 28 2011 – The influential Conservation Review Board has issued a formal Recommendation upholding Heritage Ottawa’s position that the City should not move the Horticulture Building in order to make way for parking and a mulitiplex cinema at… Read more

Conservation Review Board Hearing on the Horticulture Building

When Ottawa City Council approved the Integrated Master Site Plan in November 2010, it also approved a staff recommendation to repeal the heritage designation bylaw for the Horticulture Building. This of course is to allow the City to relocate the building to a new site northeast of the Aberdeen Pavilion… Read more

Lansdowne Transportation Report

Prepared by Fraser Pollock for The Friends of Lansdowne Stadium transportation requirements Throughout the early 20th century (pre W.W. 2) most major sport stadiums were located in the middle of built up centrally located neighbourhoods. The land was usually already owned by the major tenant’s owner and was the best that… Read more

Celebrating Ottawa Heritage

On Tuesday February 22, representatives of Ottawa’s heritage organizations and municipal museums will gather at City Hall for the annual Heritage Day display and reception. This event is will celebrate Ottawa’s civic heritage and those who contribute to its well-being either as heritage professionals or as volunteers. The Mayor will… Read more

Development at Lansdowne Park

Development at Lansdowne Park

A picture is worth a thousand words … These striking computer visualizations, produced by Allan Teramura of Watson MacEwen Teramura Architects, show both what the development at Lansdowne Park could look like and how much of the park is being de facto privatized under the Lansdowne Partnership Plan (LPP). The… Read more

City Advisory Committee Expresses Strong Reservations on Lansdowne Proposals

The City establishes Advisory Committees (ACs) to advise and assist the City’s Standing Committees and City Council on issues related to important municipal subject areas which are of interest to the general public and/or key interest groups. Advisory Committee members are volunteers, with expertise, knowledge or demonstrated interest and involvement… Read more

Transportation Summary Report

No large development can function properly without being served by an adequate public transportation network that includes subway, light rail, or bus rapid transit service. This is particularly true of a development as large as that being proposed for Lansdowne Park, which will include a 24,000 seat stadium, an 11,000 seat… Read more